We offer a variety of scholarships throughout the year

Pursue Your Passion Scholarship

This scholarship is intended for an individual who has an educational goal they would like to achieve. This includes pursuits outside the academic realm but that are still educational including film school, culinary school, a photography class, etc. If you have an educational passion you would like to pursue apply now.

Family of a Fallen Hero Scholarship

This scholarship is open to an individual who has lost a family member who served in our country’s Armed Forces. We hope to help you in your academic pursuits.

Summerville Highschool Scholarship

Major Lucas “GAZA” Gruenther Memorial Scholarship This scholarship has been set up to honor the memory and life of Major Lucas “GAZA” Gruenther a 1999 Summerville High School Graduate. One  multi-year scholarship in the amount of $2,222.22 per year for up to four years will be awarded to a Senior at Summerville High School annually who emulates Luc’s spirit and tenacity for life. 

Applications due April 22, 2018

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria


Must be an American


Cannot be related to a Board Member

This includes at a minimum parents, children, siblings, aunts/uncles, nephews/nieces, first cousins.

Must be used towards an educational goal

College, technical/trade schools, professional development, etc.

2018 Scholarship Schedule:

Family Member of Fallen Hero:
Application due October 11, 2018 award November 11, 2018

Pursue Your Passion:
Application due March 22, 2018 award April 22, 2018
Application due October 11, 2018 award November 11, 2018

Summervile High School:
Awarded each year in May to a graduating Senior at Summerville High school

Blue Skies Scholarship:
To be awarded to one outstanding applicant during 2018 (in addition to Scholarship already received, no need to reapply) $5555 awarded December 29, 2018

Applicants may re-apply if they are awarded a Scholarship.  Applicants will be included in subsequent award process once they apply, if


Past Scholarship Winners

Learn more about our past scholarship recepients