Rememberance Wall

Please take a moment to leave a thought, memory, or comment about Luc. He touched many lives and we would like to hear your story.

Rememberance Wall

Hi Luc, above,

I keep you and your family close in my heart and prayers all the time. It seems I remember you everyday somehow, or close to it. I’m inspired by the non-profit organization in your honor. I know you are “right here.” Thanks for strengthening us in life and for strengthening us now in faith.

Perhaps I’ll write all sorts of memories with you, such as chipping in for birdie on the golf course, or launching water balloons on poor campers’ tents up at Pinecrest Lake. But what really matters to me is your spirit and presence that shines through to me…even more now. Thanks for inspiring us.

Love you Luc


We were kids when we met, still forming our first memories. I took for granted what a beautiful soul you were. I must have thought that every kid in America had that one friend who was just ten times better than everybody else in every way. Turns out, I was a lucky kid to call you my friend.

You inspired me then as you inspire me today to get off my ass and try harder. You inspired me to lighten up, to insist on kindness, and to keep an ornery smirk behind my respectful smile at all times. And I know that today, two years gone, you would tell me not to sit and wallow in my grief for you so I won’t. But damn you, Luc, we all miss the hell out of you, and on a day like today it’s nice to read others’ loving thoughts so I wanted to finally share a couple of mine.

We laughed a lot. As we grew up we mocked almost everything, but in our obstinate insolence we still held some simple things sacred; among them family, love, life. None of us really chooses who comes into our lives, but we certainly choose who stays. For myself and so many more, keeping you was a blessing. We grew apart in our different adult lives but I’m grateful to have kept your heart next to mine despite the miles and time that separated us. I knew you had work to do, and I was always proud to share our friendship with strangers as I awaited the next time I saw you.

I am so fortunate for growing with you in my formative years, and now, in reading complete strangers’ kind words about you from around the globe, I am repeatedly struck at their poignant accuracy: you lit up rooms. You forgave weaknesses and praised strengths. You pried love from stubborn hearts and planted seeds of honesty, integrity and “joie de vivre” on every trail you so respectfully traced. You made us better people. And you cracked some of the damn funniest jokes I’ve ever heard. You made old people laugh, kids laugh– I’m pretty sure you made dogs laugh.

The world is truly darker with you gone, old friend. It would be dishonest of me to say I miss you every single day, because sometimes, in nature or in music, in love, work or laughter, I forget that you are gone. But most days I do miss you. And today, maybe, the most. Thanks for being such a great man! Thanks for your service. Thanks for your love. I miss you and I always will.


P.S.: I didn’t realize you had become a vegan! Oh, you must have taken some crap for that… And you would have loved my expanding garden project! Just this week I harvested my first successful broccoli and cauliflower crops and they are delicious. It’s not exactly saving the world at 700 mph, but I’m really proud of it, and you continue to inspire me to do more, to do better, and to Live Like Luc. Thanks buddy!

Ryan Behee

Love you Luc!

Mom - Romel Mathias