Teska Hapig-Ward from Tuolumne, California

Growing up in the Sierra Nevadas, surrounded by tall peaks, rushing rivers, and the simplicity of nature, has shaped who I am and what I am interested in achieving in the future. Throughout my childhood, I have grown to love hiking, swimming, camping, and just enjoying the rush of adventure in general. I also played soccer my entire childhood, traveling around Northern California and Nevada. Through these activities, I learned the importance in self motivation, self guidance, hard work, and always doing simply what you love to do. My mother grew up in Germany, so I was exposed to a different culture and way of looking at the world from a young age. This constantly inspires me to travel and understand other ways of living and thinking. Throughout my life, I hope to see the world and all that each culture, way of life, and individual has to offer and teach, but most of all, I aspire to live a life of happiness, selflessness, and adventure: the kind of life that many have told me that Luc lived. Next fall, I will attend the University of California, Davis to study Anthropology or Archeology.
I am very honored to have received this scholarship and be given the chance to remember Luc in this way. I would like to give a big thank you to the Gruenther family and this foundation for being so supportive, loving, and giving, you are truly appreciated.