Taylor Barnes from Manteca, California

Well hello there!  My name is Taylor Barnes, and my life revolves around the world of language—the English language, to be exact!  When I’m not pursuing my studies as an AP and Honors student at St. Mary’s High School, much of my time is spent reading, writing, and dwelling in the realm of literature.  But most importantly, it’s spent bringing that realm to others and doing everything I can to brighten other people’s lives.  As a published author and poet, my ultimate goal is to serve my audience, day in and day out.  At the young age of sixteen, I sure have a lot to learn about life, but between conquering evil in Dungeons and Dragons, delving deep into the lore of Tolkien, and studying for my next AP World History test, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be taking life by storm and Living Like Luc!

“Our character isn’t defined by the battles we win or lose, but by the battles we dare to fight.”—Robert Beatty, Serafina and the Black Cloak