Nathan Clark from Sonora, California

My name is Nathan Clark, and I am a Tuolumne County native with a passion for the outdoors.

In addition to pursuing an education in engineering at UC Davis, I can often be found falling trees, riding my mountain bike, and enjoying the company of good friends. I started riding at the age of 13, and since then the simple joy of riding a bicycle has transformed into something that I have a passion for, and something that I hope to make into a career.

For me, the phrase “Live Like Luc” means to strive to meet one’s full potential, and to meet one’s goals. Applied to mountain biking, this means to ride without limitations, and make each lap faster than the last; I would imagine that flying a fighter jet, although extremely different from my sport, is comparative because of the focus and adrenaline rush that it entails.

I am truly grateful and honored to receive such a generous scholarship from the Major Lucas Gruenther Legacy Foundation! With the award, I will be able to further my education, and be one step closer to having a career based around something that I love.