Meghan Hines Kim from Manassas, Virginia

Meghan Kim is currently based in Northern Virginia and working for the Army administratively. Ten years after she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Music and Business, she finally has the opportunity to follow her passion for foster care and is working to complete her Masters Degree in Social Work. Meghan comes from a family that has been connected to the military since World War II when hergrandfather served and was a POW. Today, her younger brother serves in the Marine Corps and on April 8, 2019 her older brother SGT Benjamin Scott Hines was K.I.A in Afghanistan. Since the loss of her brother, she has become even more passionate about achieving her dreams to become a foster parent and working towards creating an organization that will help with a safe transition for young adults agingout of the foster care system. Her brother Ben always told her to continue to work hard towards her dreams and she fully intends to live out a full life for her faith, her brother, and all those who want to see a positive change in the world.