Josh Lassiter from Lovettsville, VA

Congratulations Josh Lassiter from Lovettsville, Virginia. Josh, an Eagle Scout attends VMI and plans to graduate with degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace. His pursuits include pursuing a career as an Officer in the US Air Force, Space Operations, Astrophysics and piloting an aircraft!

My name is Josh Lassiter, I am the fifth of seven children and lived my whole life in the little town of Lovettsville. I have always really loved tackling a good challenge, and started Boy Scouts at 11, working my way to the rank of Eagle at 17. I have a huge passion for the outdoors, long distance running, and science. Knowing how the world works around me, and the ability to build things has always been fun for me, starting with a love of LEGOs as a young boy. These interests have lead me to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Virginia Military Institute.