Jack Christensen

Jack Christensen from Summerville, California

My name is Jack Christensen and I am a graduating senior of the Summerville High School Class of 2021. While at Summerville¬†High School, I felt at home studying law and business. I am graduating with a business certificate showing that I am well versed and prepared in the subject. Additionally, I have taken Summerville’s Court Law/Speech Debate class 3 years in a row, as well as participated as an attorney on Summerville’s Mock Trial Team for 2 years, where we competed both at county and state levels. I didn’t know before going into it, but I learned that I had a true passion for law, although it’s not what I plan to pursue.

After high school, I will be attending Mauna Loa Helicopter school in September to go through the “Professional Pilot Program” to achieve as many flight rating as possible within a year, including my private, commercial,¬†instructor, certified flight instructor, and certified flight instructor instrument ratings. After graduating the Professional Pilot Program, I hope to work as a flight instructor at the very school I graduated from; this will build hours and experience for me to move onto flying helicopter tours in Hawaii, while my ultimate dream is to come back to Tuolumne County to fly Helicopters for Cal Fire and protect those in my home town.

Outside of school, I have a varied portfolio of hobbies; I enjoy studying history, focusing mainly on the 20th century. I am an avid musician, playing instruments like guitar and piano while occasionally composing remixes and “looping” my music. I partake in plane spotting at Columbia airport, showing the aviation enthusiast that I am. Lastly, as every teenager does, I enjoy playing video games.