2016 Luc’s Run Results

Congratulations to all our runners this weekend, and especially our winners. ¬†You can view your times HERE. ¬†The winners for each category for the 2016 Run are below…

Overall Winners:

10K Mens Overall:
1st: Dan Kruetzfeldt
2nd: Nicholas Waelty
3rd: Joseph Malin

10K Womens Overall:
1st: Brooke Howell
2nd: Justine Morrison
3rd: Tiffany Phillips

2-Mile Mens Overall:
1st: Ethan Conti
2nd: Kyle McLaurin
3rd: Jamie Roberson

2-Mile Womens Overall:
1st: Makenna Pfeiffer
2nd: Sarah Azevedo
3rd: Olivia McCree

10K Age Group Winners

10K Mens 19 & Under:
1st: Grant Smiley
2nd: N/A
3rd: N/A

10K Mens 20-29:
1st: Nick Giampoli
2nd: Jesse Roberson
3rd: Jonathon Jonas

10K Mens 30-39:
1st: Nicholas Waelty
2nd: Justin Cleveland
3rd: Kevin Marks

10K Mens 40-49:
1st: Dan Kruetzfeldt
2nd: Sean Murry
3rd: Steve Laugero

10K Mens 50-59:
1st: Joseph Malin
2nd: Randy Esson
3rd: Bryan Craig

10K Mens 60+:
1st: Franz Moosbauer
2nd: Terry Miller
3rd: Ron Ferrell

10K Womens 19 & Under:
1st: Alissa DeAnda
2nd: N/A
3rd: N/A

10K Womens 20-29:
1st: Brooke Howell
2nd: Tiffany Phillips
3rd: Erica Gorgas

10K Womens 30-39:
1st: Justine Morrison
2nd: Erica Waelty
3rd: Melissa Morse

10K Womens 40-49:
1st: Holly Azevedo
2nd: Karry Lynn Mathson
3rd: Heidi Hovatter

10K Womens 50-59:
1st: Christine Reaser
2nd: Sabine Barry
3rd: Renee Jardine

10K Womens 60+:
1st: Mary Wright
2nd: Arlene Laeng
3rd: N/A

2-Mile Age Group Winners

2-Mile Mens 19 & Under:
1st: Ethan Conti
2nd: George Maddox
3rd: Trenton Mill

2-Mile Mens 20-29:
1st: Kyle McLaurin
2nd: Matt Davis
3rd: Thomas Ritter

2-Mile Mens 30-39:
1st: Jamie Roberson
2nd: Joel Thompson
3rd: Alexander Gruenther

2-Mile Mens 40-49:
1st: Jed Saueressig
2nd: N/A
3rd: N/A

2-Mile Mens 50-59:
1st: Eric Hovatter
2nd: Darren Eaten
3rd: N/A

2-Mile Mens 60+:
1st: Thomas DeGennaro
2nd: Mike Capuccini
3rd: N/A

2-Mile Womens 19 & Under:
1st: Makenna Pfeiffer
2nd: Sarah Azevedo
3rd: Olivia McCree

2-Mile Womens 20-29:
1st: Courtney Atkins
2nd: Jessica Cullins
3rd: N/A

2-Mile Womens 30-39:
1st: Kelly Bunnell
2nd: Keturah Wilk
3rd: Gina Cowden

2-Mile Womens 40-49:
1st: Erika Caldera
2nd: Heather Conti
3rd: N/A

2-Mile Womens 50-59:
1st: Tamara Lund
2nd: Megan Mathias
3rd: Marissa Mathias

2-Mile Womens 60+:
1st: Cookie Degennaro
2nd: Claudia Heath
3rd: Debbie Twining

1K Kids Run Winners

1K Kids Run Boys:
1st:¬†Ka’Shawn Bradley
2nd: Benjamin Myers
3rd: Wyatt Berger

1K Kids Run Girls:
1st: Kyla Pfeiffer
2nd: Makena Wallace
3rd: Evelyn Wilk