2016 Luc’s Run Results

Congratulations to all our runners this weekend, and especially our winners.  You can view your times HERE.  The winners for each category for the 2016 Run are below…

Overall Winners:

10K Mens Overall:
1st: Dan Kruetzfeldt
2nd: Nicholas Waelty
3rd: Joseph Malin

10K Womens Overall:
1st: Brooke Howell
2nd: Justine Morrison
3rd: Tiffany Phillips

2-Mile Mens Overall:
1st: Ethan Conti
2nd: Kyle McLaurin
3rd: Jamie Roberson

2-Mile Womens Overall:
1st: Makenna Pfeiffer
2nd: Sarah Azevedo
3rd: Olivia McCree

10K Age Group Winners

10K Mens 19 & Under:
1st: Grant Smiley
2nd: N/A
3rd: N/A

10K Mens 20-29:
1st: Nick Giampoli
2nd: Jesse Roberson
3rd: Jonathon Jonas

10K Mens 30-39:
1st: Nicholas Waelty
2nd: Justin Cleveland
3rd: Kevin Marks

10K Mens 40-49:
1st: Dan Kruetzfeldt
2nd: Sean Murry
3rd: Steve Laugero

10K Mens 50-59:
1st: Joseph Malin
2nd: Randy Esson
3rd: Bryan Craig

10K Mens 60+:
1st: Franz Moosbauer
2nd: Terry Miller
3rd: Ron Ferrell

10K Womens 19 & Under:
1st: Alissa DeAnda
2nd: N/A
3rd: N/A

10K Womens 20-29:
1st: Brooke Howell
2nd: Tiffany Phillips
3rd: Erica Gorgas

10K Womens 30-39:
1st: Justine Morrison
2nd: Erica Waelty
3rd: Melissa Morse

10K Womens 40-49:
1st: Holly Azevedo
2nd: Karry Lynn Mathson
3rd: Heidi Hovatter

10K Womens 50-59:
1st: Christine Reaser
2nd: Sabine Barry
3rd: Renee Jardine

10K Womens 60+:
1st: Mary Wright
2nd: Arlene Laeng
3rd: N/A

2-Mile Age Group Winners

2-Mile Mens 19 & Under:
1st: Ethan Conti
2nd: George Maddox
3rd: Trenton Mill

2-Mile Mens 20-29:
1st: Kyle McLaurin
2nd: Matt Davis
3rd: Thomas Ritter

2-Mile Mens 30-39:
1st: Jamie Roberson
2nd: Joel Thompson
3rd: Alexander Gruenther

2-Mile Mens 40-49:
1st: Jed Saueressig
2nd: N/A
3rd: N/A

2-Mile Mens 50-59:
1st: Eric Hovatter
2nd: Darren Eaten
3rd: N/A

2-Mile Mens 60+:
1st: Thomas DeGennaro
2nd: Mike Capuccini
3rd: N/A

2-Mile Womens 19 & Under:
1st: Makenna Pfeiffer
2nd: Sarah Azevedo
3rd: Olivia McCree

2-Mile Womens 20-29:
1st: Courtney Atkins
2nd: Jessica Cullins
3rd: N/A

2-Mile Womens 30-39:
1st: Kelly Bunnell
2nd: Keturah Wilk
3rd: Gina Cowden

2-Mile Womens 40-49:
1st: Erika Caldera
2nd: Heather Conti
3rd: N/A

2-Mile Womens 50-59:
1st: Tamara Lund
2nd: Megan Mathias
3rd: Marissa Mathias

2-Mile Womens 60+:
1st: Cookie Degennaro
2nd: Claudia Heath
3rd: Debbie Twining

1K Kids Run Winners

1K Kids Run Boys:
1st: Ka’Shawn Bradley
2nd: Benjamin Myers
3rd: Wyatt Berger

1K Kids Run Girls:
1st: Kyla Pfeiffer
2nd: Makena Wallace
3rd: Evelyn Wilk