An educational scholarship in the amount of $2,222.22 will be awarded on January 22, 2016 to an American who emulates Luc’s spirit and tenacity for life. This scholarship honors the memory and life of Major Lucas “GAZA” Gruenther a U.S. Air Force F-16 pilot who lost his life while flying a night training mission over the Adriatic Sea.

This scholarship is open to US Citizens who have the spirit and ambition to advance themselves and benefit the community while Living Like Luc.

Applicants will be considered for their spirit, ambition, love of life, and contributions to their community.

  1. To apply for the scholarship:
    Complete this brief application form.
  2.  Create a 2-5 minute video that:
    1. Captures your spirit and ambition for life
    2. Describes how you plan to use this award to help you to “Live Like Luc”
    3. Explains how you plan to use the award for self-development and to benefit the community
  3. Email the application and video to:

Applications and videos are due by: December 1,2015 for the January 22,2016 award.