Luc’s legacy lives on through the first recipient of the Lucas Gruenther Memorial fund, Summerville High School graduate Morgan Murry.  This first scholarship was open to graduating seniors at Summerville High School, Luc’s alma mater.  Applicants submitted a 2-8 minute video that captured their spirit and ambition for life and that also depicted how they plan to use this award to help them “Live Like Luc”.  Ms. Murry received a scholarship in the amount of $2222.22.


Scholarship winner Morgan Murry with Cassy & Serene

Scholarship winner Morgan Murry with Cassy & Serene

Morgan plans to attend the California Maritime Academy and through her application video it was apparent she emulates Luc’s spirit and tenacity for life.  Congrats Morgan, and best of luck!!!  Watch her video below.



Read Morgan’s excitement about receiving the award below:

“Hi, my name is Morgan Murry and I am a graduating senior at Summerville High. This week I was thrilled and extremely humbled to be awarded the 2014 Lucas Gruenther Memorial Scholarship. I know that so many people both young and old, family, friends, fellow service members, and even complete strangers have poured out their hearts to make this scholarshippossible, as a tribute to an absolutely amazing person. Lucas Gruenther was a loving person, awesome pilot, adventurous at heart, and completely dedicated to being all that he could be. Luc lived an amazing life, and his adventures were not limited to the F-16’s he flew.

I was one of the students who had the chance to sit in the Summerville High Auditorium and listen to Luc when he give an incredibly motivating talk after he had just returned from Afghanistan; Luc encouraged us to live like champions, and I hope to do that.

As part of the scholarship process we created videos that shared our character, spirit, and tenacity for life, along with our future plans. I wanted to participate in this chance to honor Luc, and say that he was an inspiration to many Summerville students like me. The video was also a chance for me to look back at my life, look ahead at my future and focus on being a champion like Luc was. Here is a copy of the short video I submitted.

This challenge to live like Luc is something that I cannot complete alone, but like a runner in a relay race I plan to do my part. I am excited to be headed to the California Maritime Academy this fall, where I will study Marine Transportation, and plan to earn my USCG Deck Officer ratings allowing me to pilot super tankers and other large vessels across the world’s oceans. This scholarship will be VERY helpful towards that goal, and I want to say – THANK YOU!

Luc Gruenther lived an amazing life, and I hope to do the same. Thanks again for assisting me to pursue my dreams and for the privilege to honor a great man. My family and I send our deepest appreciation and respect to Luc’s family, friends, and fellow adventure seekers. Luc will be remembered.

With deepest respect and gratitude,
Morgan Murry
Senior Summerville High Class of 2014″
Morgan Murry