Several  F-16 Viper pilots and spouses will attempt a Tough Mudder in San Diego this coming weekend (Ray, Corby, Slick Mickus, Lobo Canfield, Eva Canfield, Rocko Ilchena, Jinx Anderson, Joker Dudley, Burnin Helton, and Moose Kjelsgaard). The team is raising donations for the Lucas Gruenther Memorial Fund ,which will be used for scholarships for young people who emulate the same love for life and adventurous spirit that he did.  They have a goal of $1000, and are nearly half way there.
Please consider a donation to remember an amazing husband, pilot, and friend who leaves behind a legacy of inspiring people to branch out and try new things. And support them as they run 12 miles of obstacles (electrocution, scaling walls, and freezing temps) to get their butts kicked in Luc’s name… 😉
DONATE HERE: (Donations go directly to the Lucas Gruenther Memorial Fund)
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